24 Bold Cats That Can Teach the World Their Own Rules

Cats can produce over 100 different sounds, most of which are used to communicate with humans. These cunning creatures manipulate us in any way they want and they have the right to do it: scientists have proven that people who have cats as pets feel happier than other people. And happiness doesn’t come for free.

we have found the photos of 24 cats that don’t care about the rules and live their lives however they want.

“Popped into a supermarket this morning to see a random cat chilling out by the cat food!”

“Police dog test”

“Can’t hide from me…”

“Human, why are you trying to sleep? Why?”

When you hear your owner open the fridge:

The cutest phone holder

How did he manage to stick his head out of that wall?

Broken cat

When everyone is celebrating and you are not in the mood:

Ride the lightning.

Is he possessed?

When you need to work but your cat doesn’t care:

“Just let me have fun!”

When you want to go to the beach but you can’t:

Pre-yawn cat

“What are you doing, Dad?”

Every time I take a shower, he thinks that I’m suffering so he tries to save me.

The bathroom is a really scary place.

CATapult activated

When you realize that not everything is in your power:

“Mother, may I have some?”

“Good morning!”

“Gimme that sock! I need it!”

What crazy things does your cat do? Tell us in the comment section below.


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